Our mission is to build a leading food tech ecosystem in Hong Kong.


Our ESG-investment thesis supports innovations that can create a positive impact on the environment for our next generation. Equally important, we are here to promote diversity amongst our cohort and future portfolio companies.

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Alternative Proteins

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Overall Product Innovation

Sustainable Supply Chain

Functional Ingredients

  • Plant-based Food

  • Lab Grown Meat

  • Mycoprotein

  • Functional Ingredients 

  • Precision Nutrition

  • Novel Ingredients

  • Automated Commerce

  • Food Delivery Platform

  • Sustainable Packaging

  • Any Other Innovative Ideas Related to Food

Investment Partners


Affiliate & Corporate Partners

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Dr. Jack Yeung


CEO of OIC Capital Limited

Dr. Jack Yeung, CEO of OIC Capital Ltd., a single family office investing on global early stage technology for good startups. One of OIC Capital's investment focus is on foodtech and their portfolio includes Beyond Meats, Ripple Foods, New Age Meats, Doux Matok, and ReMilk. Jack is former Deputy Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, founding chairman of the Hong Kong Startup Council, advisory committee Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund, a HK$2 Billion matching fund under ITC, HKSAR, to juvenate the Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem. Jack also sits in the advisory committee of Hong Kong Cyberport and on the board of SVhk, which is a an investor of Green Monday.


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